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Reading Out Loud

Math Phobia
Transition to Middle School
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Writing and Spelling for Younger Students
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Reading Comprehension

To help you answer these questions we have indicated ITBS rankings so that you can use your child's test scores to confirm your observations about your child's progress. If you live in the East Cobb or North Fulton areas, remember that these areas are very competitive and have a much higher "average" performance level than the national average of 50th percentile. The average performance in these areas s closer to the 80th percentile.

How To Interpret the Self-Evaluation:

If there are only one or two minor areas, your child may not have serious difficulty, but you may want to work with your child on homework and observe how he/she studies for tests to determine how you can help in the few weak areas.

If you have questions about our enrichment programs and how we can help an already successful child become even more competitive, call us for information.

If there are several checks: You should consider having your child tested to further investigate these concerns.

If there are none: Your child seems to be doing fine. Keep up the good work!