• Does your child have to struggle to meet his/her academic potential?
  • Should your child's reading, writing, or math grades be better than they are?
  • Is your child's academic future at risk?
  • Will frustration and lack of motivation block your child's success?
  • Does your child need a tutor?
Academic Solutions SAT Prep

At Academic Solutions we provide:

An in-depth analysis of your score:

At Academic Solutions we begin test preparation with a complete analysis of your most recent score and an understanding of the score you are trying to achieve.  A student can present a score taken with a testing service (if he/she also has the test booklet used for that test) or the student can take a full length practice exam at our facility.  In either case we evaluate the score to determine which types of questions the student is missing and, from this, determine which skill areas need to be improved to achieve a better score.

A personalized score improvement program

Once we have analyzed the score, we will meet with you to discuss the results.  In this conference we will show you what areas must be improved to move from the current score to the score you are trying to achieve.  For students who are unclear about their college plans, we discuss their grades, classes, possible areas of college study and give them a variety of college options available to them with their current score and the new doors that could be opened with a higher score.

Re-test, re-assess, re-focus

At pre-determined points in the program the student will take additional practice tests.  Each time the student takes a new test we re-evaluate the score, re-assess the new test and re-focus the student’s program to account for the score increase and the need to work at a higher level.  We will hold a parent/student conference to discuss the new results and the plan for moving forward.  Also.

FREE College Planning is part of the plan

In each of these score-conferences, we discuss new colleges that the student may consider and talk with the students about other colleges he/she has been considering.   We have found that the on-going discussion of colleges and opportunities is not only motivating for the student but also enlightening as he/she is continually learning about schools and opportunities that might not have been considered. SEE OUR COLLEGE PLANNING SECTION FOR ADDITIONAL COLLEGE PLANNING SERVICES.

A great essay will seal the deal!!!

With the final increase of the student’s score it is time to apply!!  We are there for you!!  Students (and parents!) can be overwhelmed by the application process and the essays in particular.  We will meet with your child to help plan a great essay, and once it is written we can help with the editing process as well.  From start to finish, we want to see the student through to the end!

We are successful because we have a totally different approach to test preparation!!!

#1    We focus on developing reading and math concepts

Ours is a simple approach: the higher skill level your child has, the more right answers he or she will get on the SAT/ACT. In our courses we teach the student to comprehend college level reading, to write advanced compositions, and to understand how to solve complex math problems.  In short, we are preparing your child to take on college-level work and, through this, watching the ACT or  SAT score climb.  This approach has allowed students increases on the SAT of 200+ points and of 4 points to their composite score on the ACT!!  

#2 We don’t teach a course, we teach your child.

At Academic Solutions our student teacher ratio is 2:1 in math and 3:1 in critical reading/writing.  This low ratio allows us to focus on one student at a time.  We use your child’s test to focus on the areas your child needs to improve.  We have determined that courses of 10 or 20 students do not allow for this level of personalization.

By working with kids individually we help them focus on their particular area of difficulty, show them how to use their schoolwork to develop skills, and provide them with on-going encouragement as they navigate the sometimes frustrating path of  test  preparation.

#3 Our approach works!!

At Academic Solutions we teach students to break the passage apart as they read it and anticipate the questions they are likely to get.  Then, by teaching our students the key critical reading skills continually measured on the SAT and ACT tests, they develop the reading strategies they need to tackle the questions with the confidence of a strong reader.  At Academic Solutions your child will acquire the important reading skills they will use on the test and take with them for greater success in college!